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Our Dying Rights

Our Dying Rights was our third game project at Futuregames. You play as an undead and your objective is to gather your allies and escape from captivity.


Team Size: Duration:




7 weeks

Unreal Engine 5

During this project I did a bit of everything, the main parts could be narrowed down to support, gameplay, toolsUI and optimization.


In our team I had the most experience working in Unreal, so I often spent my time helping other members in the engine as well as with our source control (Perforce).

On the gameplay side, the biggest parts I worked on for our game was creating mechanics with physics. One of the more notable ones was the spike trap, they lock parts of ragdolls in place, creating an impalement effect.

Alongside the gameplay, I worked on a spawning tool for our designers. Its purpose was to give them easy control over spawn points, waves, timers and shutting them on/off as needed. This tool proved very handy during optimization as our map was very large.


On the UI side of things I worked on exposing events for updates (health, progress bar e.t.c.), gathering statistics and exposing them for our end screen and creating the button press prompts that pop up above allied NPCs.

In this area I worked with our talented UI/UX designer Arian Behfar, assisting him with UMG and implementing features.

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