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Grid Inventory

The grid inventory is a system from my hobby project. It lays the foundation for item interaction in the UI.


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Unreal Engine 5

For this system I've implemented logic in C++ while exposing functionality to blueprints, this is to allow quick iteration as a lot is done through the UI. Focus has also been on making it flexible, as many current and future systems need to interact with it.

In the clip above you can see items transfered from the inventory to the equipment component with drag and drop. This is easy thanks to functionality exposed to blueprints and an interface that makes it easy for a widget to implement responses to these actions.

The interface can be added to any widget. Let's say for instance that a designer wants to add a crafting station, all they have to do is implement the interface and choose what to do when a user drops an item or double clicks an item in another widget.

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